Get Ahead of the Game: 10 Accessories Every Golfer Needs

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10 Accessories Every Golfer Needs

10 Accessories Every Golfer Needs To Help Get Ahead Of The Competition

As a golfer, you know that the right accessories can make all the difference, check out our list of 10 accessories every golfer needs, and get ahead of the competition. We’re helping you to make sure you’re prepared for anything on the course. From rain gear and club cleaners to flasks and caps, we’ve got you covered!

There’s no doubting that accessories are a necessary part of a golfer’s gear. Even the pros need to have the right tools for the job if they want to shoot lower scores and improve their game.

While some accessories are obvious, like golf clubs, shoes, and golf balls, others may not be as apparent. We’ve thought of the not-so-obvious accessories so you don’t have to. We’ve left any training aids out of this list as they’re something different.

  • “It is better to have it and not need it – than to need it and not have it”.

George Ellis

With that let’s take a look at our 10 accessories every golfer needs. Starting with the one thing most of us don’t think or forget about. We leave nothing to the imagination.

#10. Water Bottle For All Year Round

How many times have you rocked up to the golf course only to realize you didn’t bring a bottle of water? You end up purchasing overpriced water from the pro shop. We all need water to say hydrated, especially in the hot summer months.

An insulated water bottle will give you the advantage of being able to carry ice-cold water to stay cool and hydrated on a hot day or carrying hot tea or coffee to keep your body warm on a bitterly cold day on the links.

Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug

Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug

Rambler 26oz or 760mls Bottle Chug. The one thing most golfers don’t think about or forget to pack. These Yeti bottles handle hot or cold liquids, great for all year round. The whole top screws off if you want to throw some ice inside and is easy to wash…

#9. Liquor flask

Coming in at number 9 a liquor flask. Now I don’t condone drinking alcohol on the golf course. However, out on a cold winter’s day having a wee dram (a shot of whisky) never hurt anyone. Having a shot while playing golf can be a great way to keep warm, especially on wet or cold days.

Carrying a flask with a little whisky in it is a strange accessory to take advantage of your game. You’re on the 16th, on course to hit your career-best score.

It’s a cold day, you’re a little anguish. Having a shot of whisk will help you to calm done and focus. However there is a fine line having a whisky shot a hole won’t help your golf game, one shot will do.

Golf Flask Gift Set

Having a shot of whisky while playing a round of golf can calm the nerves and keep you warm. Not to mention one of those great gifts for your father, brother, or husband.

#8. Clicgear Push Cart

Not wanting to carry your bag anymore. Or are unable to carry it? Using a push cart is just what you need. Using a push cart is awesome, I use one all the time now, never going to carry my bag again.

Using a clicgear push cart has the advantage of not having to carry your bag. Which will help you to conserve energy for what’s important playing golf and scoring more pars.

Also, you have the option of packing your golf bag with more accessories and equipment because you don’t have to worry about the weight as you’re not carrying it.

Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart

4.0 Clicgear push cart latest model on the market. Has all the bells and whistles, is lightweight, and compact enough to fit into the trunk or your car along with your bag and clubs.

#7. golf Umbrella

Whether it’s raining or a scorching hot day an umbrella will always come in handy. This is one item that a lot of golfers don’t carry, it will keep you cool or keep you dry. You should always have a golf umbrella handy. One of those accessories every golfer needs.

Having an umbrella with you when you’re out on the golf course has its advantages. When used in an innovative way it can give you the upper hand.

An umbrella in the hot summer can create shade for you while walking between shots and protect your gear from the powerful UV rays. On wet days it can help keep you and your clubs dry.

Tour Umbrella

Ping Tour Golf Umbrella

Heavy duty golf umbrella made from fiberglass with reinforced fiberglass ribs. Will protect you no matter what mother nature dishes out. The double canopy design makes this umbrella virtually windproof.

#6. Umbrella Holder

This brings us to an umbrella holder. You’ve now got the umbrella and the Clicgear push cart. Now you’re going to need the umbrella holder. Having the umbrella connected to a holder gives you protection from the sun and rain without having to constantly carry it.

Taking advantage of an umbrella holder is obvious. You don’t have to hold the umbrella which will help your mindset.

As you’re not having to worry about where to put the umbrella when you’re taking your next shot. Having to hold an open umbrella while walking and pushing a cart can get frustrating and tiring.

Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster Mount

This Clicgear umbrella holder is made to fit perfectly onto your new Clicgear pushcart. It can be adjusted at different angles to fit all your needs.

#5. Practice Balls

Practice golf balls are good to have, why would you want to use your new ProV’s to practice with when you’ve got these orange practice balls. Easy to spot on the practice range at your local golf club. Warming up before your next golf game will increase your success rate. One of the accessories every golfer needs.

The advantage of having practice golf balls is you’re not having to use your brand-new balls to practice with. Practice makes permanent, warming up before your next game will have a positive effect on your shot consistency. These orange golf balls are easy to spot and the chances of losing them when practicing are minimized.

Crossfire Golf Balls - 45 Pack

Nitro Practice Balls

Nitro 2-piece orange golf balls. these are excellent practice balls for the range, practice fairway, and putting green.

#4.Club Cleaning Brush

Removing the dirt from the groves in your irons goes a long way to creating backspin. This is such an underrated club cleaning method. That not all golfers take advantage of. So get these club cleaning brushes and take advantage of the excellent accessory.

Having a club cleaning brush to clean the grooves on your irons is a simple yet effective way to increase the quality and consistency of your shots.

This is such an underrated way you can take advantage of carrying a golf club cleaning brush. So many golfers don’t carry one and they should.

Pack of 2 Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner

Xintan Tiger groove cleaning brushes clip it to the side of your golf bag. When you need to use it you’re not wasting time looking for it.

#3. Adidas Tour Hat

We all need a good hat to keep us cool and dry. Or if you’re like me thinning a bit on top, you’ll need protection from the elements. What I also like about this hat is it helps keep the sun and rain off my face.

You will be amazed when wearing a hat on the golf course works in your favor. Protecting your face and head from the elements can save energy, and increase stamina. Keep your head dry in the wet and shade your face and eyes from the bright sun. Something so simple as wearing a hat will help you stay ahead of the competition.

You will be amazed when wearing a hat on the golf course works in your favor. Protecting your face and head from the elements can save energy, and increase stamina.

Keep your head dry in the wet and shade your face and eyes from the bright sun. Something so simple as wearing a hat will help you stay ahead of the competition.

3-Stripes Tour Hat 2022

3-Stripes Tour Hat 2022

You can’t get anything better or more stylish than this Adidas tour hat. I’ve always liked Adidas gear it’s made to last. These hats are awesome don’t take my word, try it yourself.

#2. Taylormade Gloves 2-Pack

Have you ever walked onto the first tee, started looking for your glove, and can’t find it? You eventually find one from last season in the bottom of your bag which looks like the neighbor’s dog had been playing with it. We all need a decent glove, this 2 pack makes sure you’ve always got one on hand.

Using a golf glove and carrying a spare is something we all take for granted. However, the reality is most of us golfers don’t carry a spare.

Playing golf on a wet day and having your glove wet doesn’t help your golf game. Having a spare and being able to change out your wet glove for a dry one is a smart way to stay ahead of your game in wet conditions.

TaylorMade Stratus Tech 2-Pack Gloves

TaylorMade Stratus Tech 2-Pack Gloves

Best Taylormade golf glove 2 pack lets you have one spare for those wet days if you need to swap one wet for one dry.

#1. Bushnell Rangefinder

There are many accessories every golfer needs, and this is the number one you can use to get ahead of the game. Rangefinders in my book are the number one way to club selection and reading distances. This will positively impact your golf game, no matter which part of the world you’re in. Once you’ve used a rangefinder you’re hooked, the number one accessory I can’t do without.

Using a rangefinder is one of the best ways to take advantage of increasing the greens you hit. Knowing the distance, you need to carry each shot will help keep you ahead of your game.

However, you’ll need to know with a reasonable amount of certainty what distance you can hit each club.


Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

Bushnell rangefinder pin seeking pulse vibration alert and flashing red ring. A lightweight piece of high-tech equipment to stay ahead of the game.

Final Thoughts

Looking at these 10 accessories every golfer needs to stay ahead of the competition you will find that maybe you already have some of them. In the event you do that’s fantastic, however, if you don’t have any of these now is the time to start looking at what would best suit your golf game.

Having the ability to pivot and change tact when things aren’t going right is a powerful way to get your game back on track.

From my experiences, all these accessories have a part to play in improving your golf game. That doesn’t mean you purchase all 10, however, purchasing 2 or 3 of these golf accessories and experimenting on how best they would improve your game.

This is a great way to teach yourself how you can take advantage of each accessory to stay ahead of the competition. 10 accessories every golfer needs, these all have their advantages, don’t take my word for it, try a couple yourself.

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