5 Good Golf Habits That Every Player Should Develop

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Good Golf Habits

If you’re a beginner golfer, developing good golf habits is essential to improving your game. But even if you’ve been playing for a while, it’s important to keep reinforcing these good habits so you can continue to play at your best. Here are five good golf habits that every player should strive to develop.

If you’re like most golfers, including me you’re always looking for ways to improve your game. And while there are a lot of individual techniques that can help your score well, developing good habits is just as important. In fact, if you can make these five habits part of your regular routine, you’ll see some big improvements in no time. So read on to discover my good golf tips.

5 Good Golf Habits That You Can Easily Work On And Develop

There are some basic good golf habits every player can easily develop in order to be a better golfer and consistent ball striker. These habits you can work on at home, at work, on the golf range, or at your home course practice area.

These habits have helped me to play better golf and lower my scores. These habits over time I have ingrained into my mind and they have become second nature, this is something that you can also do.

Just by incorporating 1 or 2 of these into your game, you will see results fairly quickly. However, you’ll need to practice at least once a week and play golf regularly. These good golf habits are not a silver bullet that will cure all your golf issues. (I know I’ve got a few).

Practice With Intent Be Serious About It

We’ve all been guilty of this, going to the golf range and smashing 100 or so golf balls with your driver and calling it practice. This is counterproductive and is a game killer. Your practice time needs to be based on what you would do on the course.

When practicing you need to be serious about it. The best way to go about this is to create a practice plan that you can follow. We all lead busy lives so days and times will be entirely up to you, my practice days are Tuesday and Thursday nights for 1 hour, just like going to the gym or any other sports practice.

Integrate your practice into your daily routine, this will help you to create a practice plan that you can stick to. Practicing regularly and taking advantage of that time is a positive way to add consistency to your game, and ingrain muscle memory.

Practice Routine Be Serious About It
Practice Routine Be Serious About It

Create A Pre-Shot Routine

A swing killer is getting anxious and trying to hit the ball too hard. One way to combat this is to develop a pre-shot routine. This is one of those good golf habits that will pay off big time.

This involves taking some time to focus on your swing and the shot in front of you before you actually make it. By doing this, you’ll be able to stay calm and focused under pressure, which can lead to better results on the course.

Having a pre-shot routine is one of the most underrated ways to improve your golf game. A pre-shot routine is a way of increasing your mental game and will help you focus throughout the round.

Professional golfers have a pre-shot routine that they go through every single time they strike the ball, and so should you. By creating your own pre-shot routine, you can help ensure that each golf shot is executed with confidence and focus.

Look At What The Great Golfers Do

The great golfers of the past and present, they’re great golfers not by accident. They have worked hard to get where they are and have skills to match. Looking at what great golfers do differently than everybody else will help you in your quest to become a better golfer.

Pre-shot routine, swing tempo, consistent ball striking, and damage control, they’re the masters. Copy and emulate what they do, this will take time, and the key is consistency.

It’s no good to change something in your game and only be able to achieve it one out of 10 times. Consistently being able to hit your driver, irons, and wedges will have a positive impact on your game. Becoming a good putter you’ll be a force to be reconned with.

Looking at what the great golfers do, copy and emulate. The pros are the masters at damage control. You can learn a lot from them. Think about the shot at hand and play to your ability, it is not about how, it’s about how many.

Developing Good Golf Habits
Developing Good Golf Habits

Have Realistic Expectations

Go easy on yourself, have realistic expectations, don’t go out onto the golf course, and expect to break 70 when your handicap is 20. Would be an awesome feeling if you did, don’t be disappointed if you don’t.

Or get frustrated when you don’t hit the green from the tee box on a short par 4. Be kind to yourself, even the pros have bad days and so will you.

Things aren’t going your way, you miss that short putt, hit your drive into the trees on that par 5, put one into the water hazard off the tee. Don’t get angry and carry those bad shots with you.

Forget them and move on to the next shot. You might be thinking, well, that’s easier said than done, however, the reality is – it’s not!

You’re not going to shoot par on a 20 handicap and that’s okay! Golf is a challenging and rewarding sport, pro golfers don’t always play well either. Even the best golfers have bad rounds sometimes.

So don’t get discouraged if things don’t go perfectly. Just relax, take your time, and enjoy the experience. Golf is a lot more fun when you have realistic expectations.

Stop Changing Your Swing

You go out and play a round of golf one day and you play well. Then tomorrow you go out and play again only to have it all not go your way. So, what happened?

You start changing things, your grip, your stance. Remember golf is a game of millimeters, you start changing things slightly in the spare of the moment and it will have a big impact on your game, usually a negative one.

Have you ever found that today you’re striking the ball sweet, pars come easy? Then you play tomorrow parts of your game are off, driving, putting whatever it is, it can be infuriating, to say the least?

It’s not what you’re doing differently it is your motion, tempo, and rhythm that have changed. The worst thing you can do is change pieces of your swing in the hope that your game will come right. You start changing too much and it will be a long way back. You’re better to focus on your rhythm, tempo, and mindset.

Every time you change your swing, you run the risk of messing up your technique and hurting your game. Unfortunately, too many golfers try to change parts of their swing every time they play badly in the hope they’ll play better. If this is you, stop and work on your tempo and rhythm.

What Are The 3 Main Things To Focus On When Golfing?

When it comes to golf, there are three main things that you need to focus on if you want to improve your game.

First and foremost, you need to have a good pre-shot routine. This means taking the time to assess your shot, select the right club, and set up before executing the shot with confidence.

Secondly, you need to have realistic expectations. Don’t try and hit the perfect shot each and every time as this is simply not possible. Instead, focus on making small improvements each time you play and trust that these cumulative Improvements will lead to success in the long run.

Finally, practice with intent. This means having a specific purpose for each practice session so that you can maximize your learning potential. Practice that reflects how you would play on a golf course will have a positive impact on your game.

Final Words On Good Golf Habits You Can Develop

So, there you have it, 5 good golf habits that will help improve your game. However, don’t forget, these are just a starting point. You should always be looking for new ways to improve your swing and your score.

Developing these behaviors will help you play your best, no matter what your skill level is. Don’t forget that having a bad round every now and then is part of the game just make sure you get back to practicing as soon as possible.

Keep in mind ingraining good golf habits is going to take some work and it won’t happen overnight. However, the benefits are worth it, a better golf game means more fun on the course and lower scores.

Working towards developing good habits will send you on your way to playing consistently better golf. So, that’s it for our list, now it’s your turn to go out there and start developing your good golf habits.

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