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Cooking and Golf for chefs and cooks who are passionate about playing golf. Golfers that love food and cooking, or anyone who is enjoying one of these activities – there is something here for everyone!

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I’m A Qualified Chef and Avid Golfer

If you’re a chef or home cook who loves the sport as much as I do, this is your spot to find everything from cooking tips for beginners and recipes for incredible dishes, golf tips, and recommendations no matter what level of cook or golfer you are there is something here for everyone.

Cooking and golf are two of my favorite past times.

Cooking and golfing may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to pairing activities but they work together beautifully. Think about those long days on the course where nothing sounds better than finishing 18 holes, going home, and whipping up some fantastic food that everyone can enjoy.

Cooking can help bridge that gap: there is something supremely satisfying in creating meals for yourself, your family, and your friends. The same goes for golf there is something amazingly exhilarating about smoking a fantastic drive or sinking a long putt for par!


  • “Cooking And Sharing Food With Family And Friends Is As Old As Time Itself”.


I have been cooking professionally for the last 25 years.  Cooking in a commercial environment is relentless, unforgiving, and can be best described as controlled chaos. I love cooking for my customers, family, and friends.

I’ve been lucky to use some amazing kitchen equipment over the decades, working in commercial kitchens, and have amassed numerous recipe collections that I want to share with you. If you want realistic recipes, kitchen trade tool recommendations, and informative info from a professional chef you’ve come to the right place. 

Cooking NZ Culinary Fare 2010
Here I am competing at the 2010 New Zealand National Salon Culinaire
Beef and Lamb Open 2010
Beef and Lamb Open 2010
Venison Static Dish 2010
Venison Static Dish 2010
Rack of Hare Static Dish 2010
Rack of Hare Static Dish 2010

I Have Won Numerous Cooking Awards

  • 2014 1 Silver Medal 100% NZ Pork Breakfast Challenge (Invitation only)
  • 2013 Beef and Lamb Hallmark of Excellence Awards
  • 2012 Beef and Lamb Hallmark of Excellence Awards
  • 2010 1 Silver Medal Static Entrée, Main Open and 1 Bronze Medal Beef and Lamb open
  • 2009 2 Bronze Medals Static Entrée, Main Open. Main, Dessert Open 90 Minutes (Chef of the Year Competitor)
  • 2008 HANZ Awards Lamb Dish over $20 Runner Up
  • 2007 1 Silver Medal Fish & Seafood Open
  • 2006 3 Bronze Medals Venison Open, Beef Open, and Café Breakfast Open
  • 2004 1 Bronze Medal Beef Dish Open


I’ve been playing golf for nearly as long as I’ve been a chef. Golf is my stress release, let off some steam and get out into the fresh air.   Playing golf, I’ve learned a lot about myself, tips, and tricks on what and not to do.  I’ve brought a diverse range of equipment over the years.

If you want golf tips, realistic gear recommendations, and informative info from years of playing the game and using a diverse range of equipment, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been lucky enough to play some great golf courses in New Zealand and Asia.

My Golf Practice Time
My Golf Practice Time
Best Golf Balls For The Average Golfer
Golf Ball Brands I Prefer To Use

Memorable Golf Courses I’ve Played

One of the memorable courses I’ve played was the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea with my wife and in-laws. Challenging long course, 6,934 meters (7583 Yards) from the blue tees.  The LPGA was there two weeks prior and the greens were lightning fast!  The 19th is fantastic. 

Day on the Golf Course
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea November 2018.  From right to left my wife-Mira, myself-Shannon, and my in-laws

Another great course I’ve played is Gulf Harbor Country Club in Auckland, New Zealand amazing views, the course isn’t too long 5907 meters (6460 Yards) from the blue tees with a demanding back nine which has the most amazing views.

My Wife Mira and I Golf Harbor Country Club
My Wife Mira and Me Golf Harbor Country Club

If you’re ever in South Korea or New Zealand both courses are worth a visit.

Final Thought

My youngest son is 13.  He said to me, “Dad, in my life I want to be remembered for something that I have done, I could be an artist, an inventor, or an actor”. I said they are all great things you could do.

However, the easiest way to be remembered is to…..  Be Kind To Other People.

People will always remember you for your kindness.  This is something everybody including myself should think about. Thanks for Visiting Cooking and Golf,