Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

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Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake With Caramelized Muscovado Sugar, Spiced Apple Puree, Whipped Cream, And Fresh Mint

My Creative Thought Process

I have been experimenting with a lot of different cake recipes lately, but one thing that I always seem to come back to is the classic upside-down cake.

I would cook this apple and muscovado sugar upside down cake all the time when I was younger, it was always a hit!

Upside down cakes is a classic dessert that never grows old. I used Muscavado sugar to give the cake rich caramel undertones and an extra depth of flavor with its molasses notes.

Cooks, are you looking for a decadent dessert to make this weekend? This recipe is perfect! It’s quick and easy to prepare with ingredients that many cooks will already have on hand.

The cake can be served warm or at room temperature so it’s perfect for potlucks, parties, or anytime you feel a dessert craving coming on!

You can serve the apple and muscovado sugar upside down cake with a dessert sauce and fresh cream or your favorite ice cream.

I just like to keep it simple and serve this awesome dessert with stewed apple and freshly whipped cream. So If you’re thinking about what to do with cooked apples this is the recipe for you!

An upside down cake with apples sounds delicious, this is one of the best ever apple recipes that I’ve created.

Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake Ingredients
Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake Ingredients. Top Left Clockwise: High-Grade Flour, unsalted butter, size 6 eggs, ground cinnamon, and nutmeg, muscovado sugar, and apples

Wonderful Apples

Apples are fantastic to cook with, sweet, or savory cooked or raw they work so well with meats like pork and chicken. Excellent as a dessert one of nature’s convenience foods.

I love cooking with apples because of their versatility and how easy it is to use them in recipes!

The apple variety I use for the upside-down cake is Red Delicious.

Wonderful Apples
Wonderful Red Delicious Apples

Larder Stables And Must Have Kitchen Tools

  • I’ll make it easy for you. stock your kitchen with these basic ingredients – Butter, milk, Himalayan pink or quality sea salt, whole peppercorns, sugar, vinegar, virgin olive oil, and plain flour.

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My Professional Recommendations

Seasoning Food

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
  • As a chef the most underrated ingredient in the kitchen is salt. When my recipes call for salt and pepper I use a variety of different salts and freshly ground black pepper.

Many chefs, including myself, prefer sea salt like Maldon salt flakes or Himalayan pink salt. Both can be used for cooking and finishing. They have a refined flavor that brings out the natural taste of food.

Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

Apple and Caramelized Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

This is one of those desserts that will make you wonder why anyone would ever consider skipping dessert. It’s quick and easy to prepare.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 12 People
Calories 575 kcal


Stewed Apples

  • 6 each Apples - peeled, cored, and sliced
  • ¼ cup Water
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon - ground

Cake Base

  • 50 grams Muscovado sugar
  • 3 each Apples - red delicious

Cake Batter

  • 165 grams Butter - unsalted
  • 135 grams Muscodavo sugar
  • 1 ½ cups Flour - high-grade
  • 1 ½ tsp Baking powder
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon - ground
  • ½ tsp Nutmeg - ground
  • 2 each Eggs
  • 1 cup Milk - full cream
  • 165 grams Stewed apples


Stewed Apples

  • Place the apples, water, and cinnamon into a pot and bring them to a boil.
    Simmer for 15-20 minutes, using a stick blender blend to a smooth paste, and cool.
    This can be done ahead of time.
    Stewed Apples

Cake Base

  • I use a non-stick pan to cook this apple upside down cake.
    You don't have to use a pan you can use a cake tin lined with baking paper and just sprinkle the sugar onto the base.
    Preheat oven to 180ºC or 356ºF.
    Sprinkle the first measure of muscovado sugar into the base of the pan, add 2 tablespoons of water place onto medium heat, and slowly caramelize the sugar.
    When the sugar is caramelized remove it from the heat.
  • Core and slice the apples on a mandolin.
    If you don't have a mandolin you can slice the apple with a knife.
    Slicing Apple on a Mandolin
  • Lay the sliced apples into the pan covering the caramelized sugar.
    Place the pan to one side.
    Layering The Sliced Apples

Cake Batter

  • Cream the butter and second measure of muscovado sugar.
    Creamed Butter and Sugar
  • Add the dry ingredients flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Mix until just incorporated. The batter will be stiff.
    Add the eggs one by one mix after each addition, add the milk and mix well.
    Lastly, add the stewed apples and do the last mix.
    Finished Cake Batter
  • Lightly brush some oil around the sides of the pan.
    Pour the cake batter into the pan and place it into the preheated oven for 45 – 50 minutes.
    Pouring The Cake Batter Into The Pan
  • When the cake is done it should be firm, if you insert a skewer into the cake it should come out clean.
    Let the cake sit for 5 minutes then carefully turn it out onto a wooden board.
    Don't let the cake cool too much as the caramelized sugar will stick to the bottom of the pan.
    Portion the apple upside down cake into 12 pieces and serve with whipped cream.
    Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake
Keywords Apple Upside Down Cake, Apples, Muscovado Sugar

Serving Size: One Slice – Apple And Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake with Whipped Cream
Calories 575 | Total Fat 34.6 g | Carbohydrates 62.7 g | Fiber 1 g | Protein 5.2 g | Iron 1.84 mg

Apple and Muscovado Sugar Upside Down Cake

My Enjoyment For Your Benefit And Value

I create these dishes for your enjoyment, I have fun doing it.

After cooking in manic fast pasted environments, cooking at home is relaxing and therapeutic.

If I can add value to your life, giving you ideas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner even children’s meals I will have achieved what I set out to do.

All the ingredients in this recipe you can find at your local whole foods or grocery store.

I always try to use organic, free-range, or ethically farmed products, the traceability of the product is also important to me.

This usually has a story behind it that I can pass on to my family, friends, customers, and you.

Salads with animal protein there are countless variations, all you need is imagination. 

Try this recipe and I hope you enjoy cooking and eating it as much as we did. I believe that recipes are worth nothing until you share them.

This is one of those awesome winter cake recipes that will have everyone wanting more and more! Let me know how you got on with this apple and muscovado sugar upside down cake

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  1. 4 stars
    This is almost like a clafalouti recipe. Spongy, more flat, not dense like cake. I used honey crisp apples and cut about 60% of the skin off. For the “stewed” apples, I used a store-bought Granny Smith applesauce. I used the “dark” muscavado sugar. Going between grams and measurements like cups, etc. took a bit of calculation. We had it later, after re-heating cut pieces in the oven. Good the next day as well.

    1. Hi KM, yes just like a clafouti recipe. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, honey crisp apples would be a great garnish. I’m really happy you tried and liked the recipe.

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