Best Bacon Sandwich With Mozzarella You’ll Ever Eat This Year

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Best Bacon Sandwich You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Bacon Sandwich Recipe

The Best Bacon Sandwich With Free-Range Streaky Bacon, Mozzarella, Garlic Butter, Sautéed Red Peppers, Onions And Fennel, Homemade Pickles, And Honey Mustard.

Who doesn’t love bacon? The sizzle, the smell, the taste…mmmm. And what’s better than bacon? Bacon sandwiched between two pieces of delicious bread, of course! Here is my take on the best bacon sandwich you’ll ever eat this year. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Sandwiches are a popular lunch item, my sons love them. This sandwich I’ve created for them could quite possibly be the best bacon sandwich in the world! Crispy bacon, mozzarella, tomatoes, red peppers, fennel, and onions, you can’t go wrong.

There’s nothing quite like a bacon sandwich, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy one. The best way to enjoy a bacon sandwich is to start with high-quality bacon. Look for streaky bacon that is thick and has a good amount of fat.

You’ll also want to make sure the bread is fresh and the sandwich is well-seasoned. Having these toppings on hand will help to make the best bacon sandwich you’ve ever had.

  • Cheese – mozzarella is awesome.
  • Red peppers, onions, and fennel seeds sauteed together
  • Sliced tomatoes, pickles, and mustard mayo.

This sandwich was created on the fly, the bacon from my local butcher, and they’ve got some of the best steaky bacon I had. You can’t beat New Zealand-produced bacon

My mother makes relishes, chutneys, and pickles. Her homemade pickles are the best I’ve had. She always gives me a couple of jars from every batch she makes.

How To Cook Bacon In The Oven Without A Rack

Cooking bacon can sometimes be a pain, especially if you don’t have a bacon rack. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to cook bacon in the oven without a rack, all you need is some parchment paper and two shallow baking trays.

Put the bacon sandwiched between the two sheets of parchment paper and the two shallow baking trays. Preheat your oven to 400ºF or 200ºC and cook for about 15-20 minutes. The baking trays will act as a heat conductor creating a lot of heat which will make the bacon crispy. The parchment paper will stop the bacon from sticking to the trays.

For thicker cut bacon leave it in the oven for 10 minutes more, if still not crispy leave it in the oven for longer checking every 5-8 minutes.
Wanting the best results? Use steaky or belly bacon as it has a high-fat content and won’t dry out. The fat content will act as a cooking medium and help make your bacon propper crispy.

Bacon Sandwich Ingredients
Ingredients for the bacon tomato and mozzarella epic sandwich – From the center-left mozzarella cheese, fennel seeds, salted butter, Mum’s homemade pickles, and lastly  freedom-farmed bacon

Bacon Curing Methods

Dry-Cured is where the outer surface of the pork is rubbed with salt and sugar or maple syrup. Some gourmet producers will use a mixture of spices as well. It is then left in its own juice and there is no addition of water added.

The result is a more pronounced bacon flavor and increased yield or less shrinkage when cooked. Wet-Cured is where the pork is injected/pumped and submerged in a brine that contains salt, nitrates, and nitrites. The result is wet brine logged bacon which when cooked results in large amounts of shrinkage.

The flavor is inferior to dry-cured bacon and where possible I avoid wet-cured bacon. There is bacon available which is free of nitrates and could be cured with ingredients like celery and beet juice or natural sea salt. These ingredients and others have naturally accruing nitrates.    

Different Cuts Of Bacon

Bacon is a versatile and tasty cut of meat that can be used in a variety of dishes. There are many different types of bacon available on the market, so it can be tricky to know which one to buy. There are 4 common cuts of bacon streaky, middle, middle eye, and shoulder.

  • Streaky Bacon

This is cut from the pork belly and in my opinion, has the best flavor. This is due to the layers of fat running through the bacon and the fat-to-meat ratio. We all know that fat is flavor. This is what a lot of restaurants use for its versatility.

And is great for wrapping other foods in, like Scallops, chicken, and beef tenderloin (eye fillet) Streaky bacon is good for most things. Streaky bacon is awesome to use when making breakfast burgers. However, I wouldn’t use it for pasta, quiches, or pies due to its high-fat content. 

  • Middle Bacon

This is cut from the whole loin and gives you the eye of the loin and the belly tailing down. It comes in two options rindless (most common) and rind on. As a chef, I use this type of bacon it’s got some versatility.   Middle bacon is great for chicken burgers, BLT, and eggs.

  • Middle Eye

Middle eye bacon is cut from the middle loin its middle bacon minus the belly tail and rind. Middle eye bacon is abundant and relatively cheap leading up to Christmas as it is a by-product of whole ham production. I don’t use this as it’s too lean for me with little to no fat content. However, if you’re using this cut it would be good for pasta, quiches, bacon, and egg pie.  

  • Shoulder Bacon

This is cut from you guessed it, the shoulder, and in my opinion, is low-quality cheap bacon and tends to be dry when cooked. Shoulder bacon has minimal fat and comes in two options rindless (most common) and rind on. I don’t use this cut at all, however, if you are using it diced up on pizzas or in pasta, cooked and thinly sliced in a salad.

How Do You Cook Crispy Bacon?

If you’re looking for crispy bacon, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you need to make sure you have streaky bacon. This is because the fat-to-meat ratio is important for crispiness.

You can cook it on a grill or under a broiler, but either way, you need to make sure the bacon is nicely spaced out so that the heat can circulate properly.

And finally, patience is key. Don’t be tempted to turn up the heat too much in an attempt to hurry things along, as this will only result in sad, burnt bacon. Cook it slowly and steadily, and soon enough you’ll have perfect crispy bacon to enjoy.

Larder Stables And Must Have Kitchen Tools

  • I’ll make it easy for you. stock your kitchen with these basic ingredients – Butter, milk, Himalayan pink or quality sea salt, whole peppercorns, sugar, vinegar, virgin olive oil, and plain flour.

Essential Kitchen Tools – Must Haves

You can’t be at a professional level in the kitchen unless you own a variety of high-end tools. Genius kitchen gadgets are an essential part of any home cook’s or aspiring chef’s arsenal. From some of the best chef knives, and kitchen cookware, to wooden cutting boards. These will set you apart from others and get you ready with what you need to start making meals like a chef.

My Professional Recommendations

Seasoning Food

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes
  • As a chef the most underrated ingredient in the kitchen is salt. When my recipes call for salt and pepper I use a variety of different salts and freshly ground black pepper.

Many chefs, including myself, prefer sea salt like Maldon salt flakes or Himalayan pink salt. Both can be used for cooking and finishing. They have a refined flavor that brings out the natural taste of food.

Best Bacon Sandwich You’ll Ever Eat

Best Bacon Sandwich You’ll Have This Year

Bacon Sandwich That I've Taken To The Next Level.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Lunch
Cuisine New Zealand
Servings 4 People
Calories 747 kcal


Garlic Butter

  • 6 cloves Garlic - peeled
  • 180 grams Salted butter
  • 2 sprigs Fresh thyme
  • 1 tsp Freshly cracked black pepper

Sandwich Filling

  • 250 grams New Zealand produced streaky bacon
  • 1 each Brown onion - large
  • 1 each Red pepper aka capsicum
  • 2 sprigs Fresh thyme
  • 1 each Tomato - organic
  • 120 grams Mozzarella cheese - add more if you like
  • 5 each Mum’s homemade pickles


  • 1 loaf Good quality bread - your choice
  • ¼ bottle Honey mustard sauce - use as much or as little as you want
  • ½ tsp Himalayan pink salt and freshly ground black pepper


Garlic Butter

  • Slowly melt the butter in a pot or you could use a microwave.
    Crush and finely chop the garlic, remove the thyme from the stalks and finely chop.
    Add the garlic and thyme to the melted butter. Add a generous grind of black pepper.
    Sandwich Bread
  • Cut the loaf of bread in half longways and brush the garlic butter onto the cut sides.
    Turn on the grill and toast the garlic loaf. When done leave to one side. 
    Garlic Bread Toasted

Sautéed Red Peppers Onions and Fennel Seeds

  • Slice red peppers and onions crush the fennel seeds in a mortar and pestle, by cracking the fennel seeds brings out the flavor.
    Heat oil in a pot and add the onions and sweat until translucent, add the fennel seeds and peppers.
    Sauté for 5 – 6 minutes, season with salt and pepper.
    When done turn off the element and leave the peppers and onions until needed.

Cooking Bacon

  • I grill the streaky bacon, I find it's the best way to cook crispy bacon and removes a lot of the access fat.
    I keep the bacon fat, it is one of the best things to cook potatoes, cabbage, and brussel sprouts in. 
    Grilled New Zealand Bacon

Building Your Bacon Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich

  • Firstly get your toasted garlic bread and squeeze on the honey mustard and spread on the sautéed red peppers and onions.
    Stage 1 Toasted Garlic Bread Add The Honey Mustard
  • Slice the mozzarella and place it on top.
    Stage 2 Sautéed Red Peppers, Onions and Mozzarella Cheese
  • Add the tomatoes, streaky bacon, and mum’s homemade pickles.
    Stage 4 Add Bacon and Mum's Pickles
  • Then squeeze on more honey mustard.  
    Stage 5 Add the Honey Mustard
  • Place on the sandwich top, your bacon, tomato, and mozzarella epic sandwich.
Keywords Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Sandwich

Serving Size: 80g Streaky bacon, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, pickles, white bread.
Calories 747 | Total Fat 47.3 g | Carbohydrates 52.2 g | Fiber 3.9 g | Protein 28.5 g | Iron 3 mg

Best Bacon Sandwich With Mozzarella

I’m Sharing This Epic Bacon Sandwich Recipe

In this video, you’re going to see how I make the best bacon sandwich. It only takes a few minutes to put together. Excellent lunchtime sandwich that will feed the family, remarkably simple to create.

Enjoying The Best Bacon Sandwich You’ve Ever Had

After cooking in manic fast pasted environments, cooking at home to create this ultimate bacon sandwich is relaxing and therapeutic. If I can add value to your life, giving you ideas for other lunch dishes, like pork sliders or chicken salads I will have achieved what I set out to do.

The bacon sandwich is a New Zealand classic. It’s simple, filling, and delicious. So fire up your broiler and give this recipe a try. I’m sharing my recipe for the best bacon sandwich you’ve ever had, you won’t be disappointed!

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