Best Putters For The Average Golfer

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Best Putters For The Average Golfer

What Are The Best Putters For The Average Golfer

Suitable best putters for the average golfer, there are a huge amount currently on the market today. Choosing a new putter can be a daunting task, blade, peripheral weighted, mallet, and so on.

Shaft, face style, length, and grip.  All these need to be taken into consideration, and where do you start? There is so much information out there, some of it is excellent, realistic advice.

Over the years I have used many different putters and have found what works well for me. What I have learned about putters I’m passing on to you. These are some of the best putters for beginners.

So, why take my advice? Good question, I’ve been playing golf for over 10 years and have used some diverse golf gear over the years!

The Best Putters For The Average Golfer
Me honing my putting skill

Putter Loft

One of the factors that are overlooked by the average golfer when buying a new putter is the loft.  So why is putter loft so important you ask?

The loft of a putter is directly related to the quality of launch and spin. When your ball is resting on the putting green and you putt, the reaction is for the ball to move down into the grass.

If the loft is low – below 2º this creates backspin which is not ideal when putting. A putter above 3º loft will create a higher launch and this will also induce backspin. 

When putting backspin has a negative effect on the roll of the ball, it is harder to keep on the trajectory line to the hole, and will more than likely come up short, especially on lag putts.

This is why loft is one of the most important factors when choosing a new putter. My experience is that the optimum putter loft for an average golfer is between 2 – 3º.
Putter Degree Result

As you can see in the video and illustration above how the ball moves upon impact.

With a putter loft of 2 – 3º, this creates topspin and achieves a fluent rolling motion. This helps the ball to stay on its trajectory line.

Putters Suitable For The Average Golfer

These are the best putters suitable for the average golfer that has been designed with the average golfer in mind with simple and innovative designs.

Four different concepts were all created to achieve the same goal, strengthen your putting skills, and hole more putts with the least number of strokes.

Take your putting average from 2.5 per hole to 2 or even 1.5 per hole, imagine 2 or 1 putting every hole, No More 3 Putts! Now that would be a fantastic feeling.

One of these putters can help you achieve that goal, fewer putts lead to lower scores and a more enjoyable golf game. Standing on a putting green with one of these putters in your hand will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Just think take one of these bad boys into a golf competition along with your increased positive putting attitude and skill you’ll be unbeatable.

Putting is half the game, so why not have the right club that you are confident and comfortable with? No more second-guessing yourself.

Best Putter For Bad Putters

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

  • Odyssey Triple Track Putters combine their impressive R & D technologies, which has created this outstanding putter range.
  • Odyssey 2021 putters mix both rustic and refined elements and are some of the best putters in golf.
  • A classic lofted design boasts a modern, smooth technique that gives it a truly one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • The three Triple Track lines are prominently featured to help improve our putting accuracy, and also increase consistency in holing putts.
  • The newly designed White Hot Microhinge Insert provides a firmer feel and enhanced sound at impact, this actually improves the roll of the ball.

My Takeaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

  • The 2-Ball mallet putter is famous for being one of the most innovative putters. The addition of the triple track lines promotes putting accuracy and consistency.
  • Struggling with accuracy the blue and red triple tracks will help immensely with accuracy and alignment.  
  • The firmer feel and enhanced sound upon impact promotes a sensation of elevated control and positive reinforcement.
  • This is a well-suited putter for the average golfer.

Excellent Putter For 2021

Odyssey 2021 Ten Putter

  • Fantastic putter, 3º loft, the Odyssey 2021 Ten putters are a great all-around club.
  • You can choose from swings speeds of slow to moderate. For average to intermediate players, the club is tailored to help you make more putts and control your stroke flawlessly-which will keep you in the putting zone the entire round.
  • The feeling when the ball releases off of this beast is one of the best feelings.
  • It has such an organic feeling that allows you to have total control over each putt.
  • This is one of the best putters for high to mid-handicappers.

My Takeaway Odyssey 2021 Ten Putter

  • For those who want to be noticed on the green with a distinctive taste, this putter will make you feel as if your putting is unmatchable!
  • From the grip, shaft, and right to the insert on the face. The rebalance of the putter improves tempo and consistency with your stroke.
  • The 3º loft combined with the wide sole makes it a worthy putter for the average golfer.

Best Mallet Putter

TaylorMade EX Putter

  • Welcome to a modern generation of putters. Modern style best mallet putter for the average golfer,
  • Weighted at the back, this helps the face stay square to the path.
  • Promotes the pendulum-like swing movement, and also promotes a consistent tempo.
  • The weighted system reduces the twisting of your wrists and arms.
  • The vibration-damping foam helps the ball control upon impact promoting consistency through your tempo.
  • You will feel in control of your putting. One of the best putters for high handicappers in 2022.

My Takeaway TaylorMade EX Putter

  • Engineered and designed to help putts start and stay on the intended line of sight. even impact across the face.
  • The impact across the face has a soft feel and gives the impression of overall control of the speed, direction, and weight of the ball.
  • The 3º loft combined with the even weight across the putter, and the alignment, will help with visualizing the intended target line.   

Amazing Milled Face Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier

  • This putter Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier is created to provide a soft feel at impact.
  • The unique diamond-milled pattern prevents the ball from spinning too much off of the center and provides consistency in ball speed across the whole face.
  • When the ball is hit off-center this is a very forgiving putter.
  • 3º loft with a lightweight alloy steelhead only weighs 370g (13 oz).

My Takeaway Cleveland HB SOFT Premier Putter #11

  • Well balanced, soft feel on impact, really easy to control the ball speed and distance.
  • Satisfying sound with contact, and most importantly the ball goes straight even when the club to ball contact is slightly off-center.
  • The coarse diamond milled pattern creates a soft feel at impact and enhanced friction for greater consistency and roll.

What Type Of Putter Is Best For Me?

The first thing to decide is if you want a mallet putter or blade putter. Mallets have a larger sweet spot than blade putters, and they give you more forgiveness on off-center hits. Also, mallet putters make it easier to align with the target line.

Blades tend to be smaller, making it easier to get the ball rolling faster initially, which can improve your distance control by reducing skips, and increasing roll control after impact.

The second decision is whether you want a hosel offset or heel-shafted putter design. Heel shafted are better for golfers who tend to open their shoulders at impact, while hosel offset fits better for those whose shoulders stay square throughout their swing.

Finally, consider what grip size and style will be most comfortable for you – Fatso, Slim, or Pistol. Look at your putting style and you’ll find the best putter for you.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

If you're struggling with ball alignment and accuracy, you’re always hitting the ball left or right of the hole.

The Odyssey Triple Track Putter will be the best for you with its unique 3 alignment lines on the top of the putter. This will give you excellent alignment when it comes to putting.

Also gives you an excellent line of sight which will help align your ball correctly to the position of the hole. This will promote the ball to stay on its trajectory line.

Odyssey 2021 Ten Putter

If you're struggling to putt the ball to the hole, putting too far past the hole, or worse you’re always coming up just short the Odyssey 2021 Ten Putter would be awesome for you. 

With its smooth feel, It will give you the feeling that you are in total control when the ball comes off the putter face, this will help immensely with distance control.

When the ball releases from the putting face combined with its 3º loft it produces a consistently true ball roll.

You’ll have better control, a smoother feeling and you'll be hitting those long putts up to or just past the hole, or even better into the hole.

TaylorMade EX Putter

If you’re struggling with your swing plane or tempo Taylormade EX Putter would be excellent for you with its modern mallet style, and perpetual weights.

This will help you to achieve that fluent pendulum-like swing, and smooth tempo where you rely on the putter doing the work, not your arms.

What this will achieve is a clean, clear, and precise swing plane.

This will also promote positive contact with the ball which in turn will help the ball stay on the intended trajectory line and go into the hole when putted.

Cleveland HB SOFT Premier Putter #11

If you having trouble consistently hitting the ball within the center of the putter the Cleveland HB Soft Premier Putter # 11 would be perfect for you, this is one very forgiving putter.

When hit off-center this is a very forgiving putter, the ball speed is consistent across the whole face.

Sure, when you are putting downhill, hitting the ball off the toe produces a slower controlled ball roll.

When you're hitting the ball uphill and hitting it off the heel this will produce a slightly faster ball roll.

This Cleveland Putter when hit off-center on a flat putting green will produce a consistent ball roll.

This is due to the coarse diamond milled pattern, this creates a soft feel at impact and enhanced friction for greater consistency and roll.

Forgiving and easy-to-use putter, with a U-shaped back this also gives a more precise, controlled swing plane as well.

Putting Practice

What Style Of Putter Is Most Forgiving?

The answer to this question may vary depending on what type of putter you are.

For instance, if you have a tendency to have a slight arc in your putting swing, then a mallet-style putter will be the most forgiving putter for you.

If, however, you have a straight back and through swing then a blade putter would be the most forgiving for you.

These two styles of putter seem like they're drastically different, they're not, but they both offer something unique for each individual player and their game.

Why Buy One Of These Putters

So why would you buy one of these putters? This is a tough question for everyone. All these putters are made with the average golfer in mind.

The best reason why you should buy a new putter is you know that you have some great up-to-date technology in your hands. When you’re standing on the putting green with your new putter and you've just holed that 20-foot putt!

If you're struggling with your putting, you're not feeling confident or great with your current putter. This would be one of the best times to buy a new putter.

So if you think about it, if you feel confident with your new putter, this will help immensely in achieving your goal, which is fewer putts.

Why? Because with confidence comes achievement, positive results, and enjoyment. This isn't unrealistic, this is achievable and this is realistic.

You can really start to work on your technique on the execution of your putts. You can also start to enjoy the game a lot more because you are challenging yourself to perfect your putting with your new putter.

For me, this became a great motivator...

I got my head into the putting zone, as the saying goes "drive for show and putt for dough" and that's what I did.

Old Pre-Loved Putters
Old Pre-Loved Putters

Putting Is One Aspect Of Your Game Of Golf

Putting is only one part of the game of golf in fact I think it is the most important aspect of our golf game.

We have all these different clubs that we can use driver, fairway woods, long, pitching, and chipping irons. However, we only have one club that is used on the putting green, our putter.

So it would make sense that you get the best putter suited for you. One that you're confident and comfortable with. Finding the best putters for the average golfer doesn't have to be a stressed-out mission.

Also, the equipment that is tailored to the individual will help greatly to accomplish and produce the desired result. Which is consistently holing more putts in the least amount of strokes.

Let's face it the common goal when buying a new putter is to hole the ball in the least number of putts.

Final Takeaway

If you're an average golfer, weekend warrior, or even a twice-a-week player, and are looking for a new putter. One of these would be perfect for you.

Have you been feeling a little uneasy on the green lately? You may even be second-guessing your current putter.

When you buy a new putter and you feel confident with it this will make everything more realistic and achievable.

Remember your goal is to hole more putts with the least number of strokes.

Buying a new putter doesn't have to be a complicated, stressed-out affair that ends with your wallet screaming blue murder!  

Of the four putters I have reviewed one of these will be right for you, I've used all four and they're the best putters for the average golfer.

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