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Cooking With Fire Competition BBQ Secrets

Competition BBQ Secrets Everyone Has Their Own

Every person that engages in cooking BBQ is like a craftsman they have their own competition BBQ secrets.

Braai, Barbeque, Barbecue, Barbie, Cookout, Brazier, Shawarma, Asado, Spit, Khorovats, Gogi-Gui, Yakitori, or Hangi.  Whatever you call it, it all means the same thing… Cooking with fire!

Cooking with fire and smoke is as old as time itself.  I love BBQ cooking, there is something joyful and hospitable about it.

Nothing tastes like meat cooked over an open flame or white-hot coals. Cooking with fire when you really think about it, is something that brings people together. 

At night it gets cold and dark.  If the fire is small it is hard to get warm, but the bigger the fire is, the warmer it is. So fire makes people huddle around and start to talk and tell stories.

The glow of the flames draws people in… bringing them closer together. Charcoal BBQ it’s primal. The fact that you’re standing around a fire BBQing a raw piece of meat.

What I really like about organizing a big BBQ is the opportunity to meet new people and I can interact with them while cooking. It’s a friendly atmosphere, and you can chat about absolutely anything.

From a young age, I enjoyed playing with fire, I do enjoy cooking with flame. At a point in my life, I just became obsessed with cooking with heat and flame.

I know the hotter the flame the better the BBQ tastes.

Competition BBQ Secrets Wings
Competition BBQ Secrets Wings

When I’m cooking a BBQ, there’s some kind of euphoria in people standing around watching, the meat sizzling, the smell of the charcoal BBQ, and the intoxicating smell of the meat.

Cooking over flame is in our DNA. Cooking meat you have caught on an open fire, all eating together.

Using fire to cook meat is perhaps only something humans do, that may well have been the beginning of the human race. Now that is something magical.

I always look for quality smoking wood, charcoal, and briquettes. For me cooking BBQ is a valuable thing, it is the very best way of cooking meat.

It is irreplaceable, it is something I can explain.  It’s a skill I am passing on to my sons. 

Introducing Competition BBQ Secrets

The meaning of BBQ for me is when it’s cooked low and slow, excellent things happen.

Intense, rich flavors are created and absorbed from the smoking wood fire, imparting a wonderful essence of smoke and the flavor of my secret spice rub.

The marbled fat in the meat renders down making it juicy and tender. The smell and taste are intoxicating…

When I started reading Competition BBQ Secrets (87-page PDF) by Bill Anderson, head pitmaster on the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team and 8-time Grand Champion.

I quickly realized there was an abundance of information and Bill knows his stuff.  He also explores the hot and fast method also known as power cooking.

Cooking excellent BBQ takes time and a lot of talent, Bill Anderson covers a lot of ground in Competition BBQ Secrets.

Different kinds of smokers and BBQs are available, types of wood, and their flavor profiles.  Wood and charcoal fire management.

I’ve been cooking BBQ for many years now and I have learned a couple of tricks on wood management and injecting.

Bill Anderson maintains his website with a powerful amount of free content. He has over 50 videos available for free, a blog where you can ask questions.

Free BBQ recipes, the videos have an authentic feel, and Bill Anderson comes across as genuine. This is a master guide to creating extraordinary BBQ.  It covers cook times, and what needs to go on first.   

Competition BBQ Secrets Is An Excellent Starting Point

Competition BBQ Secrets is an excellent starting point for someone new to the charcoal BBQ game.

If you have no interest in competing and just want to smash out some good BBQ in your backyard then don’t let the title of the book scare you off.

This is the perfect starting point for the novice backyard pitmaster. The menu and recipes in this book are enough to make any mouth water.

With helpful suggestions for BBQ cooking, the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team has succeeded in providing a cookbook full of delicious detailed recipes.

Competition BBQ Secrets include times, temperatures, and preferred smoking woods for beef, poultry, and pork which results in diverse flavor profiles.

Furthermore, includes recipes for different dry rubs and sauces for people wanting to put their own signature on things. This is also a platform for you to start combining your own spices to make your signature dry rubs.

How Do You Win A BBQ Competition?

There are many factors that go into winning a BBQ competition. It starts with knowing what judges are looking for. There are other elements you’ll need to take into consideration.

Buy good quality meats, and create your own rubs. Enhance flavors with injections, brines, and rubs. Know your timeline, what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Get educated! Commit to learning and growing.

Competition BBQ Secrets Rib Rub
Competition BBQ Secrets Rib Rub
Competition BBQ Secrets Ribs
Competition BBQ Secrets Ribs

What BBQ Pitmasters Know

BBQ cooking is unforgiving in terms of human error.  The hot and fast or low and slow, there is no room for error. Fire you can’t control it, it’s a living breathing thing.  All you can do is learn to work with it.

If you stuff it up you can’t just head back into the kitchen and whip up more if something goes wrong.

It’s not enough to know how long it takes to cook a piece of meat, you need to be mindful of the different types and cuts.

Different meats and cuts must begin their cook at a certain time, and if you’ve forgotten or overlooked something, then you-you’re in real trouble.

Finding the correct temperature zone at times can be hit or miss for the inexperienced. What’s more important is the quality of charcoal, briquettes, and smoking wood you use.

Competition BBQ Secrets covers this in the wood and charcoal fire management sections, and also in the BBQ competitions section. Fire is unforgiving, you can’t control it, and you need to learn to work with it.

If you haven’t been to any of the famous bbq competition shows you need to go!

Chefs Tip For Smoking Sausages

If you are going to smoke sausages, to begin with, you will need to find a butcher that uses a natural hog casing, Why?

Because if you use sausages with a synthetic casing the smoke will not penetrate into the meat and you won’t get that amazing wood-fired flavor.

Just ask your local butcher for sausages made with natural hog casings, it will cost a bit more, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Smoking Free-Range Pork Sausages
Me, Smoking free-range pork sausages
Smoked Free-Range Pork Sausages
The finished product

The Quintessential BBQ Accessories

Having the right BBQ tools for the job goes a long way to being better at BBQ. If you have just one tool, a good set of tongs will be the most useful. Items in your kit could include:

My Essential Barbecue Pick

30 Piece Barbecue Grill Tools Set

You’ve invested in your smoker, now you need the right grilling toolset.

You could buy all of these barbecue grill tools separately and pay a fortune but imagine the savings when you get them all at once—the 30 Piece Barbecue Grill Tool Set.

These stainless steel BBQ utensils will have everything you want to tackle ribs, steaks, hot dogs, and burgers with ease.

Competition BBQ Secrets Is Written By A True BBQ Hero

  1. Breakdown of wood and charcoal fire management, along with wood smoke flavor profiles.
  2. 87 Pages of detailed BBQ coaching, an abundance of information and Bill knows his stuff.
  3. These pro BBQ pitmasters take this very seriously and for someone to give away this level of detailed information, is not to be taken lightly.
  4. Competition BBQ Secrets is a worthy cookbook.  Bill Anderson shares a lot of his knowledge.  Excellent Book for the BBQ beginner.

My Final Words

No matter what you want or what you are looking for, in general, the conclusion here is very clear.

That this is the best BBQ cookbook that you will find on the market. These pro BBQ pitmasters take this very seriously and for someone to give away this level of detailed information, is not to be taken lightly.

Competition BBQ Secrets (87-page PDF) by Bill Anderson, head pitmaster on the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team and 8-time Grand Champion, proves the book is written by a true BBQ pro.

In addition, there is an abundance of information and Bill knows his stuff and explores the hot and fast method also known as power cooking.

The book outlines which dry BBQ rubs, injections, marinades, and finishing sauces the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team uses in competitions.

Furthermore, the book covers a lot of ground. It goes into detailed BBQ coaching for turkey, brisket, ribs, pork butt, and chicken thighs.

All martial is digital which gives you immediate access. This also means No Shipping Costs and Delivery Wait Times. That way you can start exploring competition BBQ secrets.

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