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The Stress Free Golf Swing

It’s now Saturday morning, all week you’ve been looking for that stress free golf swing. You’re out at your local golf club, you walk over to the first tee, get up there take your stance, and set up a million things going through your mind, you’re trying to relax, then…

You grip it and rip it you overswing, come over the top, snatch the club on the down wing, you try and hit the skin off the ball… Slice the hell out of it and the ball goes into the trees or worse OB now there’s no coming back from that.

All your golf mates are behind you laughing their heads off… If this sounds like you, I’ve got a solution.

Jeff Richmond Stress Free Golf Swing A Positive Impact

If you are reading this article, you have probably been searching online for ways to achieve a tension free golf swing – fluent and effortless. The good news is that there is a method out there that can help make this happen!

It’s called the Stress Free Golf Swing, so what is the stress free golf swing program? It has helped thousands of people improve their game by reducing muscle tenseness and unwanted stress while playing.

To improve your golf swing, you first need to understand the mechanics of the swing. A few skills are needed in order for successful execution, and fortunately, they’re not that hard to learn!

  • To start with, it’s important that your grip be firm but not tight. 
  • Now take a look at your stance- you should be leaning forward slightly from your hips until your weight is distributed equally on both feet.
  • Make sure both knees are bent slightly so as to have some stability when swinging the clubhead. While your arms stay roughly alongside each other (not too much space between them).
  • The important thing to remember when striking the ball is to keep your swing steady. This way, no matter how many swings you take in a round of golf, you’ll always be swinging with the same tempo.

Does This Sound Far-Fetched?

Well, It’s NOT! Jeff Richmond offers you a simple golf swing that is not too difficult.

Perfect for busy people who love golf but can’t spend hours every day hitting golf balls. It solves the problem of swing timing and tempo, and also will help you with achieving consistently better golf.

  • “The Stress Free Golf Swing has the simplest swing on earth”.

Jeff Richmond creator stress-free golf swing

No more worrying about difficult timing or complicated moves, now you can finally start playing well again!

At the end of the eBook, he has included some bonus information on your setup if you want to refresh yourself with these important aspects.

Ultimately this is about your golf swing, and how to make it easier for you.

How Do You Play Stress Free Golf?

There is no one answer to this question, as different people approach to golf in different ways. Some people find the game to be relaxing and therapeutic, while others find it to be a source of stress and anxiety.

However, there are a few general tips that can help you to play stress free golf.
First of all, try to go into your round with a positive attitude. Golf is a game that is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Secondly, take your time and don’t rush your shots, focus on the process, not the outcome. Lastly, if you make a bad shot, don’t dwell on it. Everyone makes mistakes; just learn from them.

The Modern Swing Problem

The problem with the modern golf swing is timing… The pro’s swing speed is unbelievably fast.

So their timing has to be exact, down to the split second, every time, every shot, every day!  

You could have the best technique in the world.

But if your timing is out when striking the ball your shots will be inconsistent.

One day you’ll get it just right and the next, it all turns to custard!

Watching pro golfers playing on TV can leave many struggling amateurs feeling frustrated.

This is because they almost seem to have this stress free swing, perfect timing down pat every time they hit a golf ball.

But what’s really happening is that these pros are constantly hitting hundreds of balls each day.

This is a constant reminder of just how quick their swing needs to be in order for them not to miss their target!

You could have spent hours and hours practicing hitting balls every week without noticing any improvement in your swing because of the wrong technique.

It’s true that practice makes perfect, but if we want to get better at something, it always helps to learn from someone who knows more than you about the subject.

This means that while you might feel like you’re never going to master good timing even after all your hard work.

It’s probably just an indication that maybe what you need is some expert advice.

What Jeff shares in the Stress Free Golf Swing method will ease the tension and muscle stress making your swing tempo stress free and easier.

More importantly, this is expert advice!

Day on the Golf Course
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea November 2018.  From right to left my wife-Mira, myself-Shannon Young, and my in-laws

Ben Hogan’s Stress Free Golf Swing Secret

In April 1954 Life Magazine did a piece on Ben Hogan and I quote what he said.

“I have a secret. It is easy to see if I tell you where to look.”

“My secret is very simple. It’s something that many golfers who play consistently well use unconsciously.”

Hogan never elaborated on his swing secret…

Not until Jeff Richmond studied Ben Hogan’s swing that the secret was reviled and the Stress Free Golf Swing program was created.

Do you want to know what that stress-free golf swing secret is?

Purchase the Stress Free Golf Swing program and Jeff will go into great detail on what Hogan’s secret is.

Jeff Richmond Creator of the Stress Free Golf Swing has based his program around the mechanics of the famous golfer Ben Hogan.

Practicing Ben Hogan’s one move could be the key to unlocking a consistent swing that you’ve always wanted.

Ben Hogan Famous Golfer

As one of the best ball strikers in history, he knew exactly what was needed for a good swing and never revealed his secret to anyone else.

Ben Hogan had a very specific problem with his golf swing, he was consistently hooking the ball earlier in his golfing career.

But instead of giving up on the game entirely, he took it upon himself to figure out what was causing him such problems.

But rather than throwing in the towel and abandoning the game altogether, he dedicated himself to figuring out how to correct this flaw.

Before narrowly escaping death in a car crash in 1949, Hogan had been an inconsistent player.

He would often end up in the rough and his irons were imprecise.

However, after he recovered from his car crash and the 1950 golf season, he showed a precision that set him apart from other professionals.

The 1950 U.S. Open at Merion, Pennsylvania was one of the most famous golf tournaments in history.

Setting one of the greatest finishes in U.S. golf open history!

Not to mention a pivotal moment for Ben Hogan’s career as he came back from a devastating car crash that left him with badly damaged legs and emotional scars for life.

Ben Hogan’s win at the 1950 US Open allowed him to focus solely on winning major championships – which he did!

Remember this was only 18 months after his near-fatal car crash.

In his most famous victory ever, at Merion, Pennsylvania he had to use a 1-iron into the green at the last hole rather than his usual 2-iron.

This was because his hand injury prevented him from hitting such a long shot as before.

Then of course, in 1953 he won again…

The Masters, The U.S. Open, and the British Open.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t compete in the PGA Championship because the qualifying was at the same time as the British Open.

However, I won’t go on about his record after the crash, because you can look into that more if you want to.  Check It Out Here

Here Are Some Benefits You’ll Enjoy

  • Golf will be fun and relaxing, and not complicated. The secret is one single movement. You’ll have your golf swing down pat in no time,
  • You won’t have any nagging thoughts as you swing your golf club. You can focus on the game instead of worrying about technique!
  • The one move that can improve your swing. This will give you more power and control over your shots, which will result in a longer and straighter ball flight. In fact, with this information, there’s no way you’ll play bad golf again!
  • Now you’ll finally be able to trust in your golf swing, which will change everything for you.
  • Achieving consistency in your golf swing from one game to the next, even if you’re only playing once a week.
  • The older you get, the more you’ll have a body-friendly swing.

Why So Many Golfers Don’t Improve

If you have been playing the highly addictive game of golf for 5 years or more and you haven’t improved much, it comes down to one factor I like to call Muscle Memory.

Muscle Memory is when you have subconsciously trained your muscles and body to do the same swing movement every time.

When you consciously try to change it or you make adjustments to your swing plane, speed, or backswing that is when the trouble starts.

How many times have you watched 5, 6, or even 10 online videos about your golf swing, grip, or stance and you’ve gone to the range or golf course to try and imitate all the videos you’ve just watched?

I can tell you from experience it didn’t go well, in fact, it had the opposite effect.

That’s why it’s important to stick to one golf instructor or coach, and that’s why The Stress Free Golf Swing is right for all golfers including you.

Jeff Richmond won’t force you to rebuild your whole swing or suggest you make unnatural movements. 

What Is The Easiest Golf Swing To Repeat?

There are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to the easiest golf swing to repeat. And while there may not be a clear consensus, I believe that the answer lies in finding a stress-free golf swing.

When it comes down to it, the main goal of any golf swing should be to make good contact with the ball hitting it as far and as accurately as possible. However, this can be easier said than done, especially if you’re muscles are constantly tense which can lead to a number of errors, with your swing.

A good swing is one where you are relaxed in your body and mind. That allows you to focus on your shot and the target line, without worrying about the things you can’t control.

Good Intentions And Misguided Information

Look there is so much misinformation out there on the internet that it has the potential to damage your golf game.

However there is also some great stuff out there as well, it’s just trying to distinguish the good from the bad.

What I know is the Stress Free Golf Swing is going to improve your game, straighter, consistent drives from the tee box, and your friends will not be laughing at you anymore.  

You will feel more confident on the tee and your own fairway.

Which will lead to consistency, which will lead to confidence, which will lead to lower scorecards, which will lead to a lower handicap.

More distance, more consistency from your tee, the fairway, and the rough.

You will be swinging through the ball with ease in no time at all. Hitting those greens in regulation. 

Par 4, tee to green in 2 shots, putting for birdie, now how would that feel?  Pretty exciting I can tell you.               

What You Will Get When You Purchase The Stress Free Golf Swing Book

Stress Free Golf Swing ebook
The stress free golf swing book
  • 123 Page Book In PDF Format
  • 15 Online Videos
  • 1 Page PDF Cheat Sheet

All this for $47.00.

Less than the price of one professional golf lesson.

This is better, you will always have the eBook and videos to consistently refer back to. 

Look, we live in a fast-paced world. It’s not always easy to get away from all the stress that comes with it. But when you’re playing golf and your brain starts to overthink things, this isn’t stress free.

However, when you try The Stress Free Golf Swing which will teach you how to hit the ball without any tension or effort.

Not to mention control the ball flight with ease – then you’ll finally be able to enjoy your golf and stop overthinking your game! You’ll learn how to improve your golf swing.

The Stress Free Golf Swing Review

The Stress Free Golf Swing is based on the fundamentals of Ben Hogan’s swing.

So you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level, but don’t know where to start.

You’ve heard a lot of people talking about how important the setup is for getting off that perfect tee shot every time.

While it’s true that a good setup can make all the difference, you’ll get even more value out of your game from the Stress Free Golf Swing program.

This is simplistic golf coaching, there is a powerful amount of information available.

Jeff Richmond breaks down Ben Hogan’s swing piece by piece to focus on the timing and fluent body movement.

With the 60-day money-back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to learn!

You Can Start Your Journey Today
To Becoming A Single Figure Handicap Golfer!

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