Sweet Treats Your Family And Friends Will Love

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Sweet Treats Your Family And Friends Will Love

Sweet Treats Your Family and Friends Will Love

When I was a child my mother would make the most amazing cakes and sweet treats. Everybody would love her baking; we were so lucky to get such amazing cakes, biscuits, and desserts.

Cakes, desserts, and sweets for me are so exciting. To make this stuff is so much fun, I find it relaxing and therapeutic.

Making cakes, pastries, and sweet treats for family and friends is the ultimate way to show that I care. Do you want to know how to make amazing cakes?

My Sons Baking Sweet Treats
My Sons Baking Sweet Treats

Now When I bake I get my sons involved in the process. They love it and they also find it therapeutic, creating something from a selection of ingredients. I’m teaching them skills for life.

Being a chef for decades, I have learned a lot about baking cakes, pastries, and desserts. What I love about baking is that it’s something I can share with my sons. Teaching them how to bake.

Baking is cooking with extra steps and makes cooking more interesting. Baking is an important life skill that if you know how to do it you can save yourself a lot of money.

Just imagine for a minute if there is a family birthday and it’s a huge event and it requires a cake.

Not just any cake, a special birthday cake.  If you went to your local cake shop and ordered a custom-made birthday cake it would cost you upwards of $100…. 

If you knew how to bake these desserts, cakes, and sweet treats delight like custom-made birthday cakes, the ingredients would cost you $20 – $30.

Just imagine your family and friends saying “WOW! Where Did You Buy That Awesome Cake”?

They can’t believe you really made it… then your family and friends start asking you to make these amazing cakes and desserts. You could start your own sweet treats bakery.

You become that person everyone invites to their house for lunch or dinner, they ask you to bring dessert “can you bring one of those brilliant and delicious cakes you make”? 

Even better when your friends and their friends start asking… Can you make your yummy amazing cakes for them and their children’s birthdays….  and they are willing to pay for it!

What is considered a sweet treat?

What is a sweet treat? This can be anything from chocolate to ice cream, or even fresh-baked cookies or exotic cakes.

Everyone has their own idea of what a sweet treat is and it can change depending on the time of day, mood, or season.

A good way to think about this question is by asking yourself what you crave after having something salty or savory. It’s likely that your craving would be for something sweet!

Baking More Than Just Cooking

Baking is more than just cooking. It’s a science. The amalgamation of ingredients of exact measurement and baked in an oven with the addition of heated dry air for a specified period of time.

Creating something from a collection of ingredients now that is magical!

Desserts are the last courses of a meal, offered after all the other food has been “desservi”; literally means “unserved” or removed.

Which is where the word dessert came from. Until the mid-19th century, it was usual to offer an array of sweets.

Such as crystallized fruits and nuts, before the actual dessert was served. Which might have been a cream or fruit fancy cake or pastry.

Today the habit is to offer one or the other of these not both. However, the importance of the dessert course remains undiminished.

For me, dessert is the most important course and should leave a lasting impression on the consumer.

Baked Lemon Cheesecake, Caramelized Sugar And Poached Berries
Baked Lemon Cheesecake and Fresh Berry Chocolate Cake

Sweet Tasting Foods

Sweet tasting foods have been among life’s pleasures. While not indispensable for our survival they have, in the truest sense, sweetened our existence.

Although our forebears were familiar with the sweetness of honey and fresh fruits. They could not have dreamed of the baked sweet goodies and exotic desserts to come.

Baking at home has become popular again. When I was young, I would exchange recipes with my mother and grandmother.

Now my youngest son who loves cooking has started to create his own recipes and trade them with me. This is based on the teachings I have taught him.

Baking cakes, desserts, and pastries have their history and traditions, but also reflect the spirit of our time.

If you’re a seasoned home baker looking for inspiration or are starting as a beginner. I have something to offer that will be of interest, this is Keikos Cakes.

Pastry Chef Keikos

Chef Keikos is a talented woman with unique skills. Creator of Keikos Cakes, she creates delicious cakes, sweet treats, and pastries.

The woman that makes magic happen, turning fantasy into reality.  Her work has inspired a generation.

  • Keikos is a professional confectioner and pastry teacher.
  • She earned the “Meister” degree for her cakes and pastries in 2006.
  • Chef Keikos worked as a Patisserie Chef in Germany and Japan.
  • Chef Keikos is a professional confectioner and pastry teacher based in Cologne, Germany.

A pastry chef is the newest trend in culinary careers.

Pastry chefs execute a variety of desserts and pastries that are both aesthetically pleasing and deliciously satisfying for those who indulge in them.

They work at large hotels, restaurants, bistros, bakeries, and even some cafés to create deserts that have become an industry staple.

Keikos Cakes

Keikos Cakes is a comprehensive baking tutorial for beginners and experienced home bakers. You will learn how to bake muffins, cakes, Danish from scratch, meringues, mille-feuille (layered pastries), and lots more. 

Chef Keikos offers training and coaching modules, which she calls bundles. This is professional tutoring at a simplistic level with detailed recipe videos and books.

Keikos is a highly talented chef willing to share her personal recipes and ideas.  Now, this is valuable stuff for home cooks and armature chefs.

The content in the bundles is amazing, I was impressed with the level of detail. Learn exactly how to make delicious cakes and pastries, along with much, much more.

I can see this is from a lifetime of cooking and the love and care that goes into these recipes are phenomenal.

All the recipes have step-by-step detailed guides, and the level of professional knowledge is amazing.

Eclairs Guide Keikos Cakes

What’s On Offer

Some of the best recipes are learned from other people. But, what happens when you can’t find that information?

The instructions get lost in translation and everything falls apart on your stovetop. You don’t want to end up with a sink full of dishes or an overflowing garbage bin just because you were trying to recreate a favorite cake or pastry at home.

This is why Keikos Cakes has created step-by-step detailed guides for her recipes; they take all the guesswork away. So that you never will come away disappointed again!

1. Beginner Bundle

  • 146 pages of detailed PDF eBook guides showing every step. 
  • 70 minutes of video on making basic cakes and muffins.

2. Intermediate Bundle

  • 190 Pages of detailed PDF ebook on cakes for bakers with some experience.
  • 90 minutes of videos making cakes from start to finish.

3. Advanced Bundle

  • This is my favorite, 246 pages of detailed PDF eBook on Danish, meringues, mille-feuille, and lots more.
  • Almost 2 hours of videos, that 120 minutes!

4. Entremets bundle

  • This is the one that got me, the level of detail this goes deep gives you tips and tricks that chefs do. 
  • Easily over 240 pages of detailed PDF eBook on all the great stuff.

Baking At Make At Home

Chef Keiko is here to help you make the most delicious homemade treats in no time! With her easy-to-follow videos and PDF recipe ebooks, she has hours of videos and hundreds of pages that contain step-by-step guides.

There are chef tips and tricks, furthermore valuable, on-trend, and relevant content. Chef Keiko’s offers her wisdom to those who are interested in learning the art of baking and decorating cakes.

Those with little or no experience can learn to bake and decorate cakes, and cook amazing pastries as she does. The concept of making and decorating desserts is not just for the experts anymore.

With her comprehensive step-by-step tutorials, anyone can create beautiful cakes and pastries. Her instructions are intended to assist home cooks and bakers of all levels and even those who don’t have any experience to achieve professional results.

Her goal is to teach people the correct techniques, instead of opening a packaged cake mix and dumping it into a bowl, adding water, and pushing a button.

Over the years of cooking, I have found baking is a science; it’s crucial that recipes are followed to the letter.

My Conclusion

The conclusion is very clear if you want to save money by learning to bake your own sweet treats at home.  

Sugar chefs (pastry chefs) can be a secretive bunch and for someone to come out and offer this level of detail is not to be taken lightly. 

What do you need to make these cakes? A hand-held mixer, bowls, wire whisk, and a few pans. No fancy equipment or expensive gadgets are required!

Baking is a rite of passage for anyone, and it’s never too late to learn. Whether you’re looking for something new or need an easy dessert recipe that will impress guests at your next dinner party.

Furthermore, there is the option of a monthly subscription which has even more new recipes for cakes and pastries, from a true pastry chef, keikos.

There is added value which gives subscribers access to a private members forum where you can ask chef keikos questions and also get support from the community.  

Better than buying a cookbook as there are videos with PDF tutorials. The massive amount of resources offered is astounding this will help you to start baking sweet treats at home. 

You can start your baking journey today and become a cake baking legend

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