The Achievable Steps To Perfect Putting

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The Achievable Steps To Perfect Putting

The Steps To Perfect Putting

Inconsistent putting, always looking for the steps to perfect putting. Is this true about you and your golf game?

You’re on the green putting for birdie, your first putt you leave way short! For the second putt, you overcompensate and hit it 3 feet past the hole! In the third shot, you get it coming back. This is extremely frustrating and can impact the enjoyment of the game.

Your possible birdie or par has just turned into a bogie or worse a double bogie! All because of your inconsistent putting which drives you crazy and at times is embarrassing.  

If you’re a bad putter I bet you’ve changed your putting style a couple of times. You may have gone from a conventional grip to a left-hand low.  You may have tried the claw grip. You may have used a belly putter back in the day.  Or maybe even a long putter.

Pro Golfers That Have Succeeded

The pro golfers that have succeeded in doing this have changed way more than that.  For example, look at Web Simpson. He is now using a Kuchar Arm Lock Type of putter with a claw grip, but he also has a very fast routine over the ball.

There would be more changes that we can’t see going on too for him to become a great putter again and win after bad putting problems.

On the other hand, look at Adam Scott. All he does is change putting styles.  He never makes any other changes by the looks of things and his putting is often, by pro standards, not very good.

  • You see, if your putting is not very good then a new putting style is never going to make much of a long-term difference.
  • There might be a short honeymoon period when you switch because it’s something new and fresh but it won’t last UNLESS you make other changes.

So, don’t be discouraged if you’re a bad putter, it’s time for some good old-fashioned practice to help improve your game!

This is the right place to give yourself the best chance of becoming a great putter with a great putting stroke.

You know that feeling you get when the putt goes in? That relief, joy, and accomplishment all wrapped up together!

So why don’t we just start with one key idea – It’s time to embrace vulnerability on putting greens!

Put your game face back away for now because it won’t work here.

Forget about making everything perfect or how much better your next shot will be if only…

You’re not going anywhere until things fall into place so make them happen instead of waiting around for something lucky to come along.

Cycling through a bunch of excuses isn’t exactly fun!

No more worrying about being good enough before starting out, let go entirely and focus solely on what is working right now.

To make this happen you’ll need to step outside your comfort zone and do something completely different!

Day on the Golf Course
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea November 2018.  From right to left my wife-Mira, myself-Shannon Young, and my in-laws

Your Putting Distance Control Sucks?

Do you have a hard time hitting long putts at the correct distance?

If so, you know how that leads to so many 3 putts and higher scores than you deserve. BUT…

…The worst thing you can do is to practice your lag putting on the practice putting green and expect to improve.

In fact, if you’re a bad lag putter and you do that, you’ll probably get worse at putting NOT better.

You see, here’s what you need to understand about putting distance control.

There are 3 things you need to improve your distance control and the two technical elements that should be practiced away from the golf course…  At home.

If you don’t get better at the 2 technical elements then you won’t improve your putting stroke and distance control ability on the greens.

Find out what the 3 critical things are that you need to work on to improve your putting.

Where you get a complete program to help you have the best chance of turning your bad putting into great putting.

Jeff is the founder of The Fresh Start Putting System, he’s been helping golfers to improve for over 25 years.

Steps To Perfect Putting

Putting Prediction Test

It’s not just the long putts that matter. A study by golf publication found out how golfers would perform on 25-footers largely determined their overall score and handicap in golf.

The article goes into detail about what they learned from their findings.

  • Players who leave themselves between one or two-foot putts on the end of a 25-foot putt generally shoot in the low ’70s.
  • Golfers coming off a 25-foot putt that gives themselves two – three-foot putts will most probably carry handicaps in the low teens (11 – 15)
  • On the other hand, golfers finishing between three and four feet, or more typically have handicaps in the low to high ’20s, even 30.

To some people, this might not seem like much, but for most beginners, some of these numbers can feel overwhelmingly daunting.

But don’t worry just yet – with practice comes improvement! I think it’s important to see where you stand, right?

How close can you get to the hole from a 25-foot putt, what if you fall way short of the benchmark set by these tests?

Look by doing this putting test, it isn’t going to help you are putting one bit!

Golfers will just keep practicing these putting tests, all they’re doing is ingraining their inconsistent putting habits and even putting worse than they did before.

Your best option is to get The Fresh Start Putting System, just saying.

My son finding his steps to perfect putting
My son, finding his steps to perfect putting

If You’re Not Good At Putting

You have two options:

  • Don’t practice, don’t do anything to improve, making things worse for your putting game, and just accept the fact that you’re an inconsistent putter.
  • If you’ve tried a lot of different drills and programs to improve your putting but very little has helped… 

If you still want to improve your putting then I have some radical ideas that might help!

Jeff Richmond didn’t believe the traditional methods of improving putting were helping inconsistent bad putters.

So he went off the well-worn path, he wanted to help those who struggled with their putting for years.

Doing the traditional drills, working with popular techniques, and following mainstream advice does very little to help bad putters.

So he created his own way which is how The Fresh Start Putting System program was created.

By the way here’s a link to that article that supposedly predicts your handicap with a putting test.

How Do You Get The Perfect Putting Stroke

There is no one perfect putting stroke, everyone has a different way of doing things that work best for them. However, there are some basic steps that will help you to perfect your putting stroke and improve your chances of making those crucial putts.
First, make sure that you’re using the right putter for your size and playing style. You want to be comfortable with your putter, and it should fit well in your hands.

Second, practice frequently and take the time to read greens to look for the breaks also get better at estimating the distances required for each putt.

Third, focus on steadiness and consistency using a smooth pendulum motion to swing the putter head back and through, moving from your shoulders.

Reading The Green

Reading the green is one of the fundamental aspects of any putt, finding the line.

Despite your best intentions, a putt that breaks more than you anticipated has a 100% chance of not finding the hole! We all know this feeling too well; the outcome feels inevitable and unfair as we lament our poor stroke choice with every ounce of frustration.

Envisioning the break of a putt is a complicated process and for the average golfer, it becomes a lot of guesswork.

At times almost a hit-and-hope scenario.

Because each green is unique, making each putt challenging and you will have several factors to consider.

Average golfers can have a hard time deciding which way the putt will break.

They might look at it and think, “will it go right-to-left or left-to-right?” Will this be an uphill or downhill shot?”

This usually is followed up by a bit of guesswork, potentially an educated one, on the line. 

This is largely due to the lack of thought and a momentary lack of reasoning.

This leads to inconsistent results and a low chance of making those crucial putts.

Now that’s something to think about!

On The Green Where The Game Of Golf Is Won or Lost

Ever heard the saying “drive for show and putt for dough”.

It is exactly that you can drive the golf ball a country mile, and reach the green in regulation.

BUT if you can’t putt very well or are terrible at it all that hard work getting to the green will be for nothing.

Unfortunately, I see this time and time again, golfers who are strong off the tee OR sharp with their irons only let themselves down with their poor putting skill.

Inconsistent putting stroke or lag putters.

The game of golf is broken into three parts tee, fairway, and green.

Most average golfers work too hard on the wrong end, the tee with their driver.

There should be equal amounts of time spent on all three aspects of the game.

You go out and shoot the score of your life, I guarantee your putting was on fire that day.

It won’t take much you just need to get those bad-putting habits out of your system.

The Fresh Start Putting System will help you do just that.  For the price of less than a couple of golf lessons, you can’t go wrong. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to learn.

Fresh Start Putting Program
Fresh Start Putting System


The Fresh Start Putting System is exactly that a fresh radically different approach to learning how to putt better.

This will help you towards the steps to perfect putting and feeling comfortable on the green.  Not have that feeling of dread and horror when steering down a 25-foot putt.  

Lag putting is extremely frustrating, as 100% of short putts never go in.  The Fresh Start Putting System will address these issues.

Take your putts on challenging greens from guesswork and in some cases a hit and hope scenario, to an educated and informed decision-making process.  

Holing those 25-foot putts for par or birdie will have an instant impact on your golf scores.  Your golf buddies will be envious or in some cases intimidated by your putting skill.

The Fresh Start Putting System will help you to lower your scores. For the price of less than a couple of golf lessons, you can’t go wrong. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You Can Start Your Journey Today
To Becoming A Putting Wizard!

Fresh Start Putting System

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